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International Relations Office
24, Warszawska Street
31-155 Cracow, Poland
e-mail: iro@pk.edu.pl
Erasmus Office
e-mail: erasmus@pk.edu.pl

Phone number:
+48 12 628 30 44
+48 12 628 20 09

Degree Students
Diploma studies (BSc and MSc)
Cracow University of Technology offers a wide variety of study programmes. In 7 faculties studies are available also in the English language.
International Exchange Students
Exchange Students
Cracow University of Technology offers a wide range of short-term programmes in English. They last for one or maximum two semesters and are carried out by all faculties of the University.
Outgoing PK Students
Outgoing PK Students
PK students interested in exchange programmes with overseas partner universities are welcome to follow the news on this website.

Legalisation of stay – non-EU/EFTA nationals

All international students have an obligation legalise their stay in Poland.

1. Non-EU students must obtain a student visa valid for the entire duration of their stay at a Polish Embassy/Consulate in their country of stay, and prior to their arrival in Poland. The visa can be granted on the basis of study admission decision (Acceptance Letter).

2. After the arrival all foreigners staying in Poland for longer than 30 days must register their place of residence (temporary address of stay in Poland).

Foreigners from non-EU countries are asked to register their temporary address of stay no later than in the 4th day of their stay in Poland. The period of the temporary residence at a specified address declared by the foreigner may not exceed the period during which the foreigner may legally stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland, in accordance with a document confirming their right of residence.

To register, go to the nearest Krakow City Council Offices (Urząd Miasta Krakowa):

  • For District I-VII (Śródmieście, Krowodrza):
    ul. Powstania Warszawskiego 10, Kraków
    ul. Stawowa 61, lokal nr 193, Kraków, Centrum Administracyjne oraz Punkt Obsługi Mieszkańców  (it is located in a shopping centre called Galeria Bronowice)
  • For District VIII-XIII (Podgórze):
    ul. Wielicka 28a, Kraków
  • For District XIV-XVIII (Nowa Huta):
    os. Zgody 2, Kraków
    ul. Gen. T. Bora-Komorowskiego  41, Kraków; Punkt Obsługi Mieszkańców (it is located in a shopping centre called Galeria Serenada)

The confirmation of the registration will be given to you on the spot. To register your place of residence you will be asked to present the following documents:

  • the completed Temporary Residence Registration form
    • For students staying in CUT dormitory: the form need to be signed by an authorised person from the dormitory management.
    • Persons living in private apartments: need to provide a rental agreement or the owner's consent for registering their residence
  • a valid visa (in case of non-EU citizens)
  • Passport

We recommend to seek help of a CUT Buddy to complete this procedure.

3. Foreigners who are already in Poland and decide to extend their stay beyond visa validity period (or if they arrived in Poland on a basis of visa-free movement, but wish to stay longer than 90 days) must apply for temporary residence permit at Malopolski Voievodeship Office (Małopolski Urząd Wojewódzki).

The details regarding the procedure can be found in the following links: https://udsc.gov.pl/en/cudzoziemcy/obywatele-panstw-trzecich/chce-przedluzyc-swoj-pobyt-w-polsce/zezwolenie-na-pobyt-czasowy/studia-i-nauka/studia/

https://www.malopolska.uw.gov.pl/default.aspx?page=TEMPORARY_STAY_WORK (scroll down to the bottom of the page)