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International Relations Office
24, Warszawska Street
31-155 Cracow, Poland
e-mail: iro@pk.edu.pl
Erasmus Office
e-mail: erasmus@pk.edu.pl

Phone number:
+48 12 628 30 44
+48 12 628 20 09

Degree Students
Diploma studies (BSc and MSc)
Cracow University of Technology offers a wide variety of study programmes. In 7 faculties studies are available also in the English language.
International Exchange Students
Exchange Students
Cracow University of Technology offers a wide range of short-term programmes in English. They last for one or maximum two semesters and are carried out by all faculties of the University.
Outgoing PK Students
Outgoing PK Students
PK students interested in exchange programmes with overseas partner universities are welcome to follow the news on this website.

Responsible for the recruitment of foreigners for full-time studies in the Polish and English language at the following faculties of CUT: Faculty of Civil Engineering , Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications and Faculty of Materials Engineering and Physics;
provides candidates with information on recruitment procedures;
serves scholars of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA);
cooperates with the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange;
coordinates the PK International Ambassodor programme;
coordinates exchange within CEEPUS;
cooperates with DAAD.

phone: +48 12 628 20 09