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MSc in COMPUTER SCIENCE  starts in October


PROGRAMME TITLE: Applied Computer Science Faculty

Department: Faculty of Physics, Mathematics & Computer Science

Erasmus subject code: 11.3

Duration: 2 academic years

ECTS credits: 120

Programme description:

Nowadays the Computer Science is present everywhere in a human life. Computers are commonly used for working, getting and broadcasting of information, data processing, production management, air- sea- and land traffic control, communication, multimedia and etc. People, who are familiar with modern information techniques, who are able to force computers for use all their possibilities, who know how to exploit capabilities of complex computer networks and who are willing to write programs for a new sophisticated applications are wanted for almost all branches of human activity. Our graduates may obtain a professional knowledge in these and many other problems connected with the use of computers. They will be able to work with project management, software engineering, implementation and management of modern informatics’ systems. They will be also able to manage of data bases, internet services, computer systems and networks. They will know how to solve problems in these fields, starting from their analysis, building UML models, creation of algorithms and writing suitable software. Our graduates can get a job in big or small business, industry, telecommunication, administration, services, education, multimedia and many other places.

The programme of studies:

Web page:

Eligibility/Admission: Students who have completed Bachelor Program in Computer Science or related field and earned Bachelor’s Degree

Contact person: Agnieszka Krok, PhD. E-mail:

Application procedures & deadlines: Scans of the following documents are to be submitted by persons applying for admission by 10 July : - Application Form (available to be downloaded from, - bachelor's diploma, - Official transcript of records, - passport (page with the holder's photo). Note: If the diploma and/or transcript of records are issued in languages other than English, please send a scan of their official translation as well.

Deatiled programme of studies


If you are interested in this programme, contact Ms. Marzena Dranka

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