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International Relations Office
24, Warszawska Street
31-155 Cracow, Poland
e-mail: iro@pk.edu.pl
Erasmus Office
e-mail: erasmus@pk.edu.pl

Phone number:
+48 12 628 29 19
+48 12 628 30 44
+48 12 628 20 09

Degree Students
Diploma studies (BSc and MSc)
Cracow University of Technology offers a wide variety of study programmes. In 7 faculties studies are available also in the English language.
International Exchange Students
Exchange Students
Cracow University of Technology offers a wide range of short-term programmes in English. They last for one or maximum two semesters and are carried out by all faculties of the University.
Outgoing PK Students
Outgoing PK Students
PK students interested in exchange programmes with overseas partner universities are welcome to follow the news on this website.


Where can I find information on the English-taught undergraduate (bachelor) programmes you offer?

Please go to https://iro.pk.edu.pl/bachelors-degree/ or https://iro.pk.edu.pl/guides-for-international-students/

Where can I find information on the English-taught graduate (master) programmes you offer?

Please go to https://iro.pk.edu.pl/masters-degree/ or https://iro.pk.edu.pl/guides-for-international-students/

What are the tuition fees?

Tuition fees range depending on the programme and the language of instruction. For detailed info please visit https://iro.pk.edu.pl/tuition-fees/

How can I apply?

There is an online registration. The respective links are available at https://iro.pk.edu.pl/useful-hints/

What documents do I need to provide the university with?

Required documents are listed in a respective application procedure at https://iro.pk.edu.pl/application-procedures

What is the deadline for application?
Deadlines for submitting complete applications (with required documents) depends on the programme. All the information you can find at https://iro.pk.edu.pl/application-procedures

Who should I contact regarding online registration?

You may contact one of the admission officers listed at https://iro.pk.edu.pl/useful-hints/

What is the cost of living in Poland?

The cost of living depends on the place you decide to stay at. For detailed information please go to https://study.gov.pl/cost-living-poland

Do you offer student housing operated by the university?

Yes, we do. The Cracow University of Technology has at its disposal about 2200 places in 4 student dormitories in Cracow. Students can book a place in PK Hall of Residence (two or three person in a room, shared bathrooms and shared kitchen). In order to book a place please fill out section Accommodation in Application Form* or contact your admissions officer at PK. Accommodation in PK dormitory costs 500 - 600 PLN (depending on the dormitory and room standard).

*Please note that due to a large number of students PK cannot guarantee accommodation.

Do you offer a scholarship?

Yes, we offer a merit-based scholarship for the best students.

What is the academic calendar?

You may find academic calendar at https://iro.pk.edu.pl/academic-calendar/

Is there a virtual tour of your university available?

Yes, it is available here.

Can I pursue a PhD studies with you?

Yes, you can. PK Doctoral School offers studies in seven disciplines including: Architecture and Urban Planning, Automation, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Transport, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mining and Energy. Detailed information may be found here.


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